Explore, connect, revive: Jagbandhu's relational world.

Jagbandhu is a transformative platform, enabling users to build, explore, and revive relationships. Connect, communicate, and create a world of meaningful connections like never before.

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About JagBandhu

Discover, connect, and revive relationships on Jagbandhu: Your relational universe.

Event Managment

Effortlessly manage events with Jagbandhu's intuitive app. Plan, coordinate, and stay updated. Simplify event management and stay in control.

Build Family Tree

Discover and document your family tree with Jagbandhu. Trace ancestral lineage, connect generations, and preserve your heritage with ease.

Circle your users

Jagbandhu lets you create circles to categorize friends and family, enabling efficient communication and personalized interactions within each group.

  • Family Tree

    Trace lineage, document generations, preserve heritage, explore family connections.

  • Event Managment

    Seamless event planning and coordination with Jagbandhu's intuitive features.

  • Digital Invitations

    Find invitations in marketplace, customize with event details on Jagbandhu.

  • Circles

    Categorize connections, enhance communication, and personalize interactions with Jagbandhu's circles.

  • Event Gallery

    Share event media with invited circles through Jagbandhu's Event Gallery feature.

  • Language Support

    Multi-language support for seamless usage and enhanced accessibility in Jagbandhu.

  • App Lock

    Secure your app with AppLock for added privacy and protection.

  • Help & Support

    Accessible help and support for any assistance within Jagbandhu app.


Jagbandhu is a family tree building application that lets you rediscover the family heritage and strengthen your bonding